A Christmas Wreath is a True Symbol of Hope

A Christmas Wreath is a True Symbol of Hope

When the Christmas wreath is hung on the front door of your home, you are officially welcoming the season. The traditional wreath is usually made from evergreen. The evergreen is a tree that stands through winter and even the coldest temperatures cannot affect the green that symbolizes the strength of life. A long-established custom of hanging a wreath has a meaning for many that includes strength, immortality and healing.

The Christmas wreath made from evergreen, pine cones and a red bow is the most common type. Today there are a variety of items used to make the wreaths. The Christian wreath is made of four candles surrounded by evergreen with a fifth candle nestled in the middle of the wreath. A candle is lit each week before Christmas as a symbol of their eternal love for Christ.
The Advent wreath is another type that has roots in the Germanic people in pre-Christian days. They were typically made of evergreen as well and were symbols of hope and renewed light during the long, dark and cold winters in Europe. This tradition has spread since the early days to many other parts of the world.

Hanging the Christmas wreath is a tradition that is used to announce the season. Adorning doors and proclaiming that the occupants are ready for the holidays can include a variety of wreaths. The Scotch Pine wreath is one and many are pre-lit providing a beautiful look to the holiday decor. Wreaths made of poinsettias, holly, fruit, pine, cedar and leaves are all available to suit the appearance desired.

Wreaths made with many of the traditional Christmas ornamentation from bells to birdhouses are sure to allow everyone to find the right one for decorating their home. Choose the 60-inch Alpine wreath that is durable and will provide years of use. The 48-inch Northern Spruce is a terrific choice. How about the 24-inch flocked Juniper Berry wreath? With such a large selection of Christmas wreaths from which to choose, your home will be ready for the holidays in a snap!

A beautiful selection is the 24-inch Winter Park Pre-lit Wreath. This wreath features 300 tips and 50 lights. Even if one of the lights burn out the others stay lit. It provides plenty of room to add your own holiday decorations and the dazzling white foliage provides a gorgeous look to doors or any other spot that you choose for the wreath.

Are you looking for something a little different from the ordinary Christmas wreath, but still want to provide a seasonal look for your home? Do not despair. You are in the right place to find a number of choices. The 20-inch Iced Twig Wreath may be just what you need. The iced white color projects the winter season and can be used indoors or out. If you are looking for hangers for your wreaths, this is the place to find them as well.

Frosted, pre-lit berry wreaths are another option. These beautiful wreaths are available in different sizes ensuring the proper look for your home – large or small. When you are looking for the widest variety of wreaths to enhance your decor, you will find this is the best place to shop. Are you ready to start decorating your home? Christmas is just around the corner!
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