A Special Gift For Him

First let’s talk about the younger more active guys on your list.
Holiday gift ideas that work well for them would be anything
sports or electronic related. If he loves to watch sports, a wall
mural or posters of his favorite teams or players would definitely
send a good message. If he is into physical activities, buying
some of his gear such as snowboards, skateboard, footballs, etc
are also a great gift idea. However, for the tech-head guy, stickers
for his laptop or game console can excite him – or even a new
mp3 player for them to play around with and show off to his

However, our guys do grow up (even if just a little) and we get
married. Holiday gift ideas for husbands and fathers of our
children deserve something special as well. One idea would be to
get him a beer gift basket that contains bears from all around the
world. He gets to relax and unwind, tasting a new flavor he would
otherwise never get before, and you get to feel wonderful as the
giver. Yet, some guys like only one kind of beer – so a great
compliment to this would be personalized beer mugs. Just think of
his guy friends seeing this great gift – he won’t stop talking about it
and who gave it to him.

Of course, dads and fathers also deserve a wonderful holiday gift
idea as well. Fathers have been there to encourage you to grow
and helped make you into the fine adult that you are now. So to
show your gratitude for all they have done. Oftentimes our fathers
love to fish and hunt now that they have more time with us out of
the house. So, why not give a gift from within this category? Try for
instance a set of binoculars that has a digital camera built right in.
Or how about a fishing rod attachment that uses sonar to find
where the fish are? Technology has truly come a far way in
regards to our dads.

This leads us to our grandfathers, or even how our fathers are
becoming granddads soon. Grandfathers are a special breed of
men who have made it far in their own lives, and deserve
recognition of their status as a grandpa. Some holiday gift ideas
for these fine gentlemen would include movie collections based on
the world wars, major events in history or even a collection of John
Wayne films. Yet another idea would be grill set with tools and
marinades for his meats, as well as a matching apron that has the
grand-children’s faces on it so that grandpa may show off his pride
and joy.

Finally, we lead to our male co-workers and those in authority over
us. Although not as close as family, these men do spend quite a
lot of time with us during our lives, and showing respect for their
positions and contributions is always a wise choice. Holiday gift
ideas for these gentlemen would include personalized business-
card holders
, a monogrammed travel bag, or even a fine watch
(the guys version of high-class jewelry). These men will thank you
for your thoughtful gift, and will not soon forget you.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking
about special gifts just for her.

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