Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Many people think that coloring is for children. This mindset is quite far from the truth. The reality is that coloring is extremely therapeutic. It can help you generate quietness, mindfulness, and wellness. These are three of the exact same things that meditation imparts on those that practice the art. These days there are not only coloring books but apps and printable pages as well. Adult coloring books have become such a hot item that there are now hundreds of themed books for adults to choose from. Still not convinced? Here are some great reasons why you should have at least one adult coloring book on hand!adult-coloring-books

1. During the first half of the 20th-century therapists and psychiatrists began having their patients color Mandalas as a way to become calmer. They noticed that the act of coloring saw the patients with less stress. These same patients also began healing both mentally and emotionally and were able to focus on the ability to heal.

2. Did you know that coloring can activate the cerebral hemisphere? Coloring involves both creativity and logic! When you pick and choose colors as well as mix and match them, you use logic and creativity. This art also helps you develop fine motor skills and sharpen vision.

3. Coloring can be very much like meditation. Believe it or not, the act of coloring can help you to de-concentrate. This helps you to relax and also reduces the clutter of a restless mind. Some people have a very hard time trying to meditate, but when they color they fall into the meditation without thought because they don’t realize that they’re doing it at all! Coloring in an adult coloring book can keep you focused on the now just like meditation can offer.

4. Anxiety affects thousands of adults. These anxiety and panic attacks can be terrible for a great many people. Therapists use adult coloring books to help their clients relax and open them up to other forms of therapy. Research has proven that these adults coloring pages and coloring books can help in treating many mental disorders.

5. Countless adults have found that they are rediscovering themselves. By coloring before bed or after dinner; they feel more comfortable and much more relaxed at the end of the day. Coloring can get them out of the rut of a day filled with the stresses of jobs and even the stress some parents feel by days end.

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