Beauty and Fun Abound in Advent Calendars

Beauty and Fun Abound in Advent Calendars

Advent, a four-week religious observation leading up to Christmas, is believed to have originated during around the 4th century A.D. The initial ritual, longer with mandatory fasting, changed by the 6th century A.D. Over the centuries, a new form of observation increased in popularity. Advent calendars became an exciting way to count down the 24 days until Christmas.

It took very little time for people to regard the calendars as collectibles. Handmade Advent calendars are traced back to Europe around 1850, where they were constructed from items like vintage paper and canvas. Like today’s calendars, the decorative cards had a door hiding a treat for each day from December 1st through the 24th.

Although many of today’s calendars are manufactured rather than made by hand, the exciting allure of a special treat remains. Collectors frequently order two of the same calendar so they can keep one intact and enjoy the contents of the other. All manners of treats are found beneath the doors, including chocolates, short sayings, and toys. It’s rumored that one clever young man exchanged the scenery in the final door for an engagement ring and proposal!

There’s an easy way to discover the hot styles for the season. Check out the wide variety of Advent calendars at You’ll want to have the calendars ordered and delivered so you can gift them before the end of November. Children and adults look forward to opening the first window on December 1st. The treats are a wonderful way to send a message of how much you appreciate the recipient’s place in your life. Your order is handled with the utmost care and consideration because our customers are very important to us.

It’s important to select and order early. Chances are good that the items you like the best, whether for yourself or as gifts, are the ones thousands of other consumers select. There is a limit to how many of each type are issued each year. An example is LEGO Star Wars advent calendars. It is more than a one-time gift. The recipient finds a special prize, such as a battle droid or light saber, behind the 24 doors leading up to Christmas Day! The company has already warned they may not make enough to satisfy the demand.

Chocolates are part of the enjoyment in other calendars. Traditional German advent calendars feature a variety of lovely scenery, including wintry scenes such as Bavarian villages sparkling with snow. Add delight to a child’s holiday by gifting a calendar with animals, Santa Claus, or story pictures. The assortment of themes is truly amazing.

Keep a few extra calendars on hand in case you’ve left someone off your Christmas gift list. Recipients won’t have to wait for the calendar to be shipped or be disappointed because their favorite choice is no longer in stock. You’ll appreciate the ease of choosing gifts for everyone at The rush happens quickly, so place your order quickly to confirm availability and delivery. Whether you are an Advent calendar collector or just enjoy the pleasure of a treat while counting down to the holiday, you’ll be pleased with your selections.

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