Camden Over The Festive Season

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So it’s nearly that time of year again when the snow should be falling and we should see reindeers in the sky with a flying man in the red suit with a white beard.
Living or visiting the London Borough of Camden during this time, what would you expect in this festive season?

Christmas and the winter season is a great time in London and the London Borough of Camden. Even though the daylight fades quickly and the air gets colder, there is always a great buzz about the city and the borough that gives people warmth and gets everyone in the festive mood. London Borough of Camden offers many Christmas festivities and features to the public. There are many Christmas activities and areas to buy presents and enjoy the season.

An obvious Christmas activity is ice skating. There are many places that are turned into ice rink’s that present themselves in London such as the Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court, Somerset House, Greenwich and the Tower of London.

The London Borough of Camden is always a great place to buy presents for loved ones. There are a variety of areas to go shopping and you will find great presents whatever your budget. The Camden markets are an obvious choice for everyone living and visiting London as well as the high street stores that can be found on Oxford Street. The Christmas lights on Oxford Street come on every year in November and are switched off in January. This always gets shoppers in the festive mood encouraging all to buy presents.

Out of the 1 million or so Christmas trees that are bought in London every year, the residents of Camden have many nurseries, garden centres and shops to buy theirs. The Camden council have also created 23 recycling areas around the borough for everyone to recycle their tree once the New Year has begun.

Most bars and pubs in the London Borough of Camden always have plenty of mulled wine available to the public from the beginning of December. Camden town hosts some great venues to sip on spiced mulled wine while devouring some home made mince pies. The choice is endless so many of your evenings can be spent exploring the many bars and pubs available.

There are also many shops to buy Christmas cards for all the people on the Christmas card list. The shops range from the normal high street stores, to many boutique and niche shops with hand crafted cards and unique designs. With the many art shops that are also available, you can even try making your own.

The many schools and colleges in the London Borough of Camden put on a variety of Christmas performances ranging from choirs singing traditional Christmas songs to school children participating in nativity plays. This is a great treat for families and friends who have young ones in the local schools and colleges.

Overall, Christmas in the London Borough of Camden is a joyful occasion for all living and visiting the area.

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