Christmas Craft For Holiday Family Gathering

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In many countries, it is a long-held tradition to gather with the family during the days leading to Christmas to make Christmas crafts.
As early as the 18th century, society women gathered with their friends to make Christmas crafts. They made, among other things, such items as small Christmas stars and paper packages, which could contain sugar almonds and other delicacies.

Family gatherings at the holidays are a combination of celebrating the new and remembering the old. The families share their different holiday greetings, memories and dreams for one another and themselves as they reflect and celebrate life. A delightful Christmas craft to make for your next holiday greeting are holiday photo coasters. These easy to make Christmas crafts are a delightful way to decorate your holiday table, use for place card holders and share images from holidays gone by.

The first step to take when making this easy to make Christmas craft is to gather photos of each family member, if possible gather picture of visits with Santa, Christmas morning and kids under the Christmas tree. Using the old and new photos for Christmas d

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