Christmas Gifts for Under 25 Dollars

Christmas Gifts  Under 25 Dollars

It’s a jump on the Christmas season, definitely, but the fact is that people are anticipating Christmas, ordering their gifts earlier, finding more stuff online that’s cheap and buying earlier so that they get good deals. A lot of searches are going on for Christmas gifts, Christmas lights, and Christmas everything else. Granted its a bit early but with our economy, hey, getting things early and getting them cheaper is the only way to go. Buy Christmas online now and give yourself plenty of time to get it delivered and to send it on if you like.

Cheap Christmas gifts don’t mean you don’t care, it means you’re smart. Paying more than you have to for anything isn’t common sense. If you can get great Christmas gifts for under 25 dollars why wouldn’t you?I personally don’t care how much you spend on me. If you buy my Christmas gift for under 25 dollars, I’m going to think you’re a brain child, who’s on a budget just like I am. One of my favorite sites is of course Ebay. You can’t beat it for prices and you can find just about anything at all. In fact, you can get more than just great low cost Christmas presents you can also get outdoor decorations or outdoor lights, such as the LED Christmas lights for a much lower price than you could pay elsewhere.

Buying online and buying your Christmas gifts early means that you can spread out the payments, not have to buy them all at one time, maybe buy a little more and get them shipped to you in plenty of time. Outdoor Christmas lights and decorations can be costly. Getting them for a lower price is just good sense. Order them online and save money as well as getting eco-friendly Christmas lights that actually look better. Artificial trees and Christmas trees with lighting included are another thing we’ve found online for under 25 dollars. Craigslist features nearly new Christmas trees as low as ten dollars in some cases.

My roundup of the coolest things I’ve seen online is just that. My take on great Christmas gifts. So, the top Christmas gifts under 25 dollars to be found online are:

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles for sale! Think Geek Tribbles–Anyone remember the Star Trek Episode the Trouble With Tribbles? Think Geek has interactive tribbles for 14.99. These things rock. Now they aren’t good for more than entertainment but even if you’re not a “trekkie” you’ve just got to love them. Cute as kittens and probably more interactive.

Who doesn’t love Tribbles… well besides Klingons I mean?

A little Known secret for online shopping…Collections Etc is among the most incredible online shopping experience you’re ever going to have. I’ve gotta say it. Nothing sells for more than 20-25 dollars and even the small tables and rustic furniture looks like you paid a LOT more for it. The shelves are well built the tables are sturdy.. this is cheap presents that look like you paid a lot for them. I hate to admit it but Collections Etc turned me down as an affiliate and I”m still advertising for them. That’s how much I like the store. Yeah well and not everyone is impressed by my writing. Sad Isn’t it?? Still I’ve ordered from them multiple times and I keep getting more impressed. If you want great goods for nominal prices, check out Collections Etc.

Royal Doulton…yes, as in the magical incredibly beautiful china. Buy your lady a coffee mug made of fine bone china, remarkably sturdy actually, and Royal Doulton is among the best known and most loved china in the world. This is another of my “not affiliated with them” but Royal Doulton will offer you a veritable treasure trove of items that are under 15 dollars. Here is an entire page of still more that are under 25 dollars. Christmas gifts under 25 dollars are remarkable enough, but when they are the best loved china in the world, then you have to be impressed. I have purchased numerous times, and never received an item in less than perfect condition. Want to impress her? Offer her something delicate and beautiful from Royal Doulton this Christmas, toss in a few packets of gourmet hot cocoa and you’re going to warm her heart.

Fingerhut Direct Marketing, Fingerhut: This one is really a nice place to shop for low cost Christmas presents and they’ve got a decent credit program for shopping with, thats easy to apply for and easy to get if you’re a little short on cash this holiday. Anything from kitchen goods to appliances, and a lot of lovely Christmas gifts for under 25 dollars. I found some terrific wine glasses, a basket and some tea towels, bought them all in the bargain section, had enough to add a nice bottle of wine and it made a great hostess gift.

Christmas is tough because a lot of people expect a lot. Try finding unique gifts that are low cost. Low cost Christmas gifts can be wonderful, particularly if you find the time to take a basket, fill it with things like.. themed stuff. A movie themed basket can have a couple nice adventure or other type movies, a bag or box of gourmet popcorn, while a spaghetti, or meal basket could have a checked table cloth, gourmet sauce, some whole wheat spaghetti, a loaf of crusty bread and a bottle of wine, all of which would make a unique Christmas gift for under 25 dollars.

Amazon is another one of those incredible places and right now you ‘re going to find a lot of items on both Amazon as well as Ebay that don’t need to pay shipping for. There are a lot of free shipping things and they ship within a day or so, so you’re not going to be paying the earth for shipping on your low cost Christmas presents.

Use your imagination as well as your wallet and you will be able to come up with some of the most wonderful Christmas gifts you’ve ever given. Christmas Gifts under 25 dollars can happen. Digging around online will assure you of great gifts for low prices.

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