Christmas Ideas for Adding a Festive Look to your Home

Every year people look for ideas that can create a festive look for their home without breaking the bank. There are a number of ways that you can decorate using many of the items that you likely already have on hand. This will be a terrific way to create your own traditions and memories that will last a lifetime.

Using Nature to your Advantage

Look around you and find items to decorate and create a whole host of things. There are many items found outdoors that can be used such as pine branches. They last a long time and smell great. Place some around the home with pinecones beside them and if you choose, a red ribbon can be added for a festive look. The branches and pinecones can be placed on trays, in baskets or any other container that you choose. Add apple tree decorations to the arrangement or candy canes for a unique look that says ‘Christmas.’

Bows and Ribbon

If you are like most people you have all kinds of leftover ribbon and bows from previous Christmas decorating. If not, both are relatively inexpensive. The bows and ribbon can adorn many things throughout the home. Use them to decorate stair railing, candleholders, at the top of stockings that are hung, in baskets along with pinecones and evergreen branches and wreaths. Ribbon can be taped to the inside of the front door to create the look of a present.


Everyone loves using candles during the holidays. They add a festive look to the home when they are part of the decorations. Candles are also available in a number of scents just for the holidays. From a Christmas tree scent that can include cedar wood, fir needle and juniper to orange and cranberry, spice and others, the candles will create a warm feeling. Whether they are used in the dining room, living room or bathroom, the soft glow combined with a holiday scent can be relaxing and soothing. Make certain that candles are not left burning when you leave the home or turn in for the night and watch little ones around them.

Set your Table with Christmas Dishes

Get out the Christmas dishes and set your table. With a nice table cloth and dishes that have been collected over the years, a table can create a festive look for the home. If you are a beginner, there are sets that can be purchased inexpensively and mixing and matching will allow a great look as well. The napkins and a centerpiece can be added to enhance the dishes used. If you prefer, solid colors such as red and white can be purchased and they can be used year round.

These are just a few ideas for getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays. As you decorate your home, you are sure to come up with even more ways to use simple items to create a wonderful holiday look.

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