Christmas Lights A Shining Tradition for the Season

Christmas LightsChristmas lights embellishing homes, streets and shops help to provide excitement and wonder that is part of the tradition of this time of year. The glittering adornment of the home and the tree are as much a part of the season traditions as gift-giving and Santa. They sparkle in the night and create a glorious wonderland that lights the eyes of children and adults with awe.

Christmas lights were a part of decorating for the holidays long before electricity. In the 17th century, candles were used and attached to the Christmas tree with melted candle wax. The invention of candle holders for this purpose was next. Children would gather round the tree as the candles were lit and this was the tradition for many years until electric lights were invented.

Who do you think was responsible for the huge assortment of electric Christmas lights we have to choose from today? The assistant of Thomas Edison is credited for this invention. The safety lights that are widely used today were produced in 1917. With lights of every imaginable type and design, the tradition has grown.

Your tree, your home and your lawn can sparkle with the numerous choices of lights – all in various shapes, colors and displays. From snowflakes to wreaths, the Christmas lights can be chosen for any theme imaginable. With the Christmas season just around the corner you will be deciding what your decorating plan is going to include. If you need bows, toy soldiers or the star of David for your Christmas decor, you are in the right place. The huge assortment of lights includes ones that will create different light patterns, musical lights and if you just want plain white lights, they are available as well.

The fun of decorating the Christmas tree using lights of various colors or just one color will allow you to create just the right look for your home. Lighted gift boxes are a wonderful idea for placing beneath the tree. Do you love poinsettias? If so, you will be pleased to know there are a variety of poinsettia Christmas lights that can add to the decor of your home.

There is no need to wait until the last moment when shoppers are frantically rushing from one store to another in search of the lights they need to add just the right touch to their tree or home. You can find the lights you want all in one place and your home will be ready for the holidays. The recent trend towards LED lights is not a problem and you can save money on your electricity bill by using Christmas lights of this sort. If you are the type that likes to go all out and your lawn is generally a wonderland, you will be surprised at the huge assortment of lights that are available.

Don’t delay. Start planning your holiday decorating and choose the Christmas lights that will be the envy of all the neighbors. Shop and save by choosing the one-stop source for all your lighting needs. After all, Christmas only comes once a year!

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