Christmas: The Season Of Compassion And Giving – Another Perspective

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As the weather turns cold and daylight becomes shorter our feelings of compassion for our fellow man begins to glow as the Christmas season approaches. Many of us donate toys and money to organizations that provide gifts and holiday meals to the sick, poor and elderly and some of us volunteer precious time to these charitable institutions.

Our expression of compassion and giving during the holiday season can also be shown in other ways. Rather than purchasing mass produced decorations and gifts why not patronize a local artist or crafter or searching online for handcrafted items? While large companies generally turn a comfortable profit, many hard working moms and dads struggle to make a decent living as crafters and artists. Do a search on line for handmade tree ornaments, gifts or décor or go to a local craft fair, gallery or craft shop where you will find many beautiful and unique pieces of art and functional crafts.

Additionally, express your compassion for the environment by making or purchasing recycled and/or eco friendly Christmas tree ornaments. Eco-friendly hand carved tagua nut tree ornaments are a perfect example! These nuts are also known as vegetable ivory and are collected from the floor of the rainforest in South America. You can also create your own recycled ornaments! Here are a few ideas:

• Take a large sheet of clean, previously used aluminum foil and color it with permanent markers in various colors. You can now crush the foil into bright colorful balls or roll them into spirals, stars or other shapes!

• Using metal or plastic jar lids as a base, cut out pictures from old Christmas cards or magazines and glue them onto the top of the lid. Decorate the edges around the lid with leftover thick yarn, fabric or lace.

• Glue gemstones and/or glitter onto used CDs. Tape or glue a ribbon or string hook on the back.

This Christmas experience the true warmth of the holiday spirit in the knowledge that you brought joy to your fellow man and harmony to the environment.

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