Creative Gift Wrapping

The season is upon us for gift giving and friends and family will appreciate the great look of their presents when they are embellished with beautiful bows and ribbon. Rather than choosing the same old way of wrapping your gifts, add some interest by sprucing up the presents. How can you do this? Take a look at some of the ways.

Getting Inventive with Ribbon

Add ribbons that make your gifts stand out by using different colors together that will create a really snazzy look. Cut the ribbon to any size you choose and begin by taping the ribbon underneath. Bring it up the sides and to the top keeping it snugly against the item being wrapped. Use different colors and widths to coordinate the look. The ribbon can be close together or a space can be left between them. For example, use red and green ribbon on a gift that is wrapped in a light color or you can use red to wrap the gift and use green and white ribbon for decorating.

Another creative way of using ribbon includes putting several different widths and shades of the same color together. For instance, use blue ribbon in varying colors and layer one over the other until you have the desired look. Remember, red and green are considered Christmas colors, but gifts can look terrific when using other colors as well. Blue ribbon against a white paper with snowflakes creates a gorgeous look.

Using Paper Creatively for Gifts

This is another fun way of decorating your gifts. You can make anything that is related to Christmas such as bells, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees or snowmen. Choose paper that matches the gift-wrapping and fold it to the desired size. This will depend on the size you want the decorations. Trace the item you want to make on the paper and then cut it out. Make certain to leave the connecting strips so that when it is unfolded the bells or whatever is being cut out is connected. Simply glue this to your present. It makes a terrific embellishment.

Use Non-Conventional Items for Decorating

Yarn, colored string and even embroidery thread can be used for decorating gifts. The trick is to create designs with these items. Lay out the thread or yarn on a gift in the shape of a Christmas tree or a candy cane. Use glue to attach it to the gift once you have the desired look. If it is easier, trace the shape onto the paper lightly with a pencil and put the glue on the shape. Then lay the yarn or thread on top of the glue, following the shape.

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