Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is a Fun and Friendly Scout for Santa

Christmas is drawing near and it is time for the elf on the shelf to appear at any minute. Some families around the country have reported their special elf has been missing in action for the past few years and they’re not sure why. Children and adults alike have inspected shelves in the linen closet, the top of the refrigerator, bookshelves, and all the higher areas the Christmas elf typically perches. Is there a resolution to the mystery?

Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

The answers are found in Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. An elf and book are in the set, as well as a boy or girl elf. The eyes are painted on each elf’s face. Some are blue and some are brown, because elves are very much like everyday people. We are both unique in some special way. The elf wears a red long-sleeved outfit with a white collar. The pointed red hat has a white band that complements the white mittens.

Each Christmas elf on the shelf has a special assignment as scout elves for Santa Claus. It was easy for Santa to keep a tally on the Naughty and Nice List when the world’s population was smaller. Once it passed a billion, he needed help to be fair in deciding which children (and grownups) belonged in the Nice category. Certain elves were assigned to homes as his scouts, where they’d hide during the day to see how people behaved. Once everyone was in bed, they would fly back to the North Pole to report both good and bad deeds. Each elf was back at the assigned home the next day, hiding in a different spot in the house and observing the family.

Santa can’t activate the magic that lets scout elves fly back and forth from the North Pole. The book describes how it’s done – it’s up to each family! There are three steps:

1.Decide what to name the elf.

2.Write it in the back of the book.

3.Add the date the elf is officially adopted.

Once the special Christmas magic is activated, the scout elf has the power of speedy flight and a homing beacon so he or she always returns to the family during the Christmas season.

Elf on the Shelf Purpose and Rules

Even though a scout elf selects a different spot to hide each day, the family often sees the elf perched next to the dishes, on the fireplace mantle, or another area above the floor. Your elf listens to conversations and watches actions, much like a reporter. If you spot the elf, talk about your Christmas wishes and any other important details you’d like Santa to know. The information is relayed to the North Pole each night. The purpose of the elf is to encourage children to be good during this special season.

The one rule to follow about the elf on the shelf is “Don’t touch”. It might erase the magic of flight and the elf’s ability to return next Christmas.

Help the kids learn more about the elf on the shelf by gifting the Ultimate Christmas Creativity Book.

Elves are Fun for Everyone

There’s no reason to miss the delightful fun of an elf on the shelf if you or someone you know have no young children in the home. An elf couple is a nice way to remind Santa grownups try to be good. The woman elf has hair a bit darker than the male elf. She also wears lipstick.

Christmas elves add a festive look to the top of the piano or a desk. The set of two has a girl elf dressed in pink and boy in green. Both wear a red and white scarf.

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