Exactly what Odd Creatures God Made

Value: Creation and the Fall

Ariel and Serena were angels. God gave them all kinds of intriguing tasks which they loved doing because they were developed by God for the sole purpose of doing his bidding. However for as long as they might remember, they had never had such an intriguing project as this one.

Where are we going? Serena complained to Ariel as she drug her from her angel house right in the middle of her nap.

Listen, we have to rush. God will do something entirely brand-new. He is going to produce an entire brand-new universe and he is going to do it in just 7 days. Not just that but word on the streets of gold and silver is that God is going to develop a whole new being, not like angels or anything we have actually seen before. Ariel said breathlessly attempting to obtain her friend to rush. God desires all offered angels there to witness it and produce tunes of appreciation about exactly what he is going to do.

So Serena hurried and they got respectable seats on the edge of deep space so they could see everything. Whats incorrect out there? The entire location looks like turmoil. Serena observed.

It is but God is about to deal with that. Watch. Then as the two angels viewed, the voice of God might be heard commanding LET THERE BE LIGHT and there was light. Then he developed sky and the dry land of this brand-new world that was called earth

See now thats where I would have done things differently. Observed Serena. I would have made deep space and the stars and suns and all that very first and then make the earth last, in some sort of big bang or something like that.

Yeah, well good idea you aren’t God then, Serena Ariel slammed. Because that is a dumb idea.

There wasnt much time for conversation due to the fact that God was scooting. Wow its like he had this all planned Ariel stated with awe.

Considering that the beginning of eternity, some state. Serena observed.

How can eternity have a beginning, its eternity? Ariel nit chose.

Stop you are going to hurt my head. Serena responded.

God was scooting. He developed the worlds and then the stars and moons and seasons. It was all forming something after another. I believe He is done. Ariel speculated.

However God was far from done. He filled the oceans he just made with fish and whales and a big range of living things and afterwards he reversed and did the exact same thing to the land, occupying with an excessive assortment of animals of every imaginable shape, size and color.

Wow, God is so innovative. Serena stated with a low whistle.

Well, he is the developer silly. Do you think that thing with the long neck is the unique creature he is going to make that we talked about? questioned Ariel.

No, thats an ostridge you nut. Serena fixed her fellow angel. This new creature will certainly rule this world. Ostridges cant guideline, they spend too much time with their heads in the sand. Oh look, I think the time has actually come, God is creating his masterpiece.

The process of creating this new animal was totally different. God formed him from the dirt extremely carefully. He appeared to be pouring so much love into this new design. Lastly, the shape was perfect and he called this new animal guy. But it was still a dirt statue when God did something completely unanticipated. He exhaled his own breath into the figure and it came to life.

Wow, that indicates that guy has Gods own life inside him. Not like the other animals or fish or plants. This man thing is a relative to God. Ariel stated reverently.

It was so much fun to enjoy Guy then the friend God resulted in him, Female, take pleasure in the terrific earth and the special yard God made for him. They appeared to be in paradise. However something failed.

Look, the female is speaking with that snake. Serena stated with alarm. Escape form him, Eve. She attempted to call out. He is nothing however problem.

But it was too late. The evil one talked the lady and afterwards the man into sinning and all of a sudden, all Gods perfect production started going to disarray. God took his beloved creations, Males and female and they were tossed from the garden. They began understanding disease and aging, and concern and decay therefore did the terrific production God had made.

Serena was beyond consolation at what had occurred. Ariel had a horrible time getting her to come out of her space she was so upset. Its destroyed permanently. This is so awful. Serena cried.

However then, all of a sudden, they heard the voice of God as he condemned the snake for his role in the Fall. And I will certainly put enmity in between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it will bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Serena, did you hear that? Do you know what that indicates? Ariel said with a barely held in enjoyment.

No Ariel, it was very difficult to comprehend. Serena responded to.

God is promising to conserve humanity. He is providing them a pledge that some day, God himself will come to earth and die for the sins of guy. The son of God that we love a lot right here in Heaven, he is going to decrease and bring redemption to all lost guys and to the fallen earth and universe too. And when its all over, it will certainly be better than it ever was in the top place since Gods individuals will certainly know much better than to disobey and they will follow God voluntarily and be his family which is what God has desired all along.

Well then, Serena concluded. Lets get hectic and help man all we can. When Jesus brings them redemption, the glory of God will certainly be higher than it ever has actually been with all eternity. Begun, Ariel, we have work to do.

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