Giving Leather Gloves for Christmas

Giving Leather Gloves for Christmas

You can’t go wrong giving a gift for Christmas like leather gloves. They are elegant and practical at the same time. Leather gloves keep hands warm without a lot of bulk. Leather driving gloves make sure a person’s hands can securely grip the steering wheel while protecting them from the frigid air. With the prevalence of smartphones, the gloves are available with fingertips designed for touchscreen and texting in mind.

The leather used to make gloves varies but the most often used leathers are deer skin, lamb skin and Italian Nappa leather, which is a top quality cow leather highly valued for leather fashions. A good range of styles are available for both men and women.

Leather Gloves for Men

Men’s leather gloves are available with various trims and linings. Some styles are gathered at the wrist with elastic while others have a tab and snap or button at the wrist for a secure fit. Gloves may be lined with cashmere, wool or fleece. You may even find a pair of fine leather gloves with Thinsulate lining. Some styles extend the lining to form a cuff. The colors available for men include black, brown and tan. Some styles may offer a few other colors.

Leather Gloves for Women

The styles of leather gloves for women are more varied than those for men and that is because women’s fashions are more varied. Length is one of the differences in styles. Women’s gloves may stop at the wrist or go past the elbow. A lot depends on whether the gloves are mainly for fashion or for keeping the hands warm.

As with the men’s gloves, lining materials include cashmere, wool and fleece. Some styles have cuffs that may be the same material as the lining or may be rabbit fur. The choice of color is also greater in women’s styles as well. Along with the standard black, brown and tan, women’s gloves are also available in colors such as red, purple, green and white.

Leather gloves make wonderful Christmas gifts. They are an affordable luxury that also serve a practical purpose. No one on your gift list would say no to receiving a beautiful pair of leather gloves.

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