The importance of reading to your children

Christmas Stories and the Importance of Reading Them to Your Children

Christmas stories have been passed down through parents for over a hundred years. Between the classic Christmas stories that put us in the holiday mood, to the new favorites we can share with our children, these holiday stories are the perfect way to bond with your child. After all, there is a connection that comes from you holding your child close by the fire, and reading one of the bedtime stories for Christmas. This expression of love and bond is one that you cannot form by simply saying, “I love you” or giving them 5 minutes of attention between a television show.

You see, Christmas stories have the chance to bring magic to the world for your child. This is a time when they are innocent and their imagination is strong. When you read to them, you give them access to a world that goes beyond what they can actually see. As the storyteller, you are guiding them on a magical journey of wonder, and this experience you give them is one that they will hold dear to them. It will also become a tradition for them to eventually pass on down the road.

As you read these bedtime stories for Christmas, you’ll also note that it’s a chance for you to teach your child to read. They can follow along as their little eyes grow tired with sleep. It exposes them to new words, and boosts their reading level. So when they go back to school after the holiday break, they are able to keep up with their class. In some cases, you may even help them to learn new reading skills that can’t be taught by a teacher focusing on 30 students at a time.

These holiday stories also give you a chance to open up about how you are feeling. If a character is happy, you can use that to talk to your child about what they are happy about. If there is something sad, you can touch on that too. This communication time will help you to connect deeper with your child and allow them to feel safe opening up to you, as they know they can trust you.

Since most Christmas stories have an underlying value to be learned, you can use that to teach your children. This is a chance to reinforce the importance of honesty, discuss how vital friendship is, and that just because someone looks different, doesn’t mean that they can’t play an important role in life. A case in point is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Because of all they can do, you’ll definitely want to take the time to read some of the following bedtime stories for Christmas with your children:

Of course, you can add any other tales that you love from when you were a child. That way, you continue to hand down books that are traditional favorites of your own, so your children’s children can also learn to love and appreciate them when it is their time to learn the tales.

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