LED Lighting Ideas

LED Lighting Ideas

LED lighting offers the perfect way to decorate your home, both indoors and outdoors, for the holidays. Why choose LED lights? They don’t use a lot of electricity, they burn cool, and they have a look that nothing else can match. As you decorate for the holiday season, here are some great LED lighting ideas to help you create some holiday cheer around your home.

Begin with Some Lights Around the Path

If you want to have the best-lit home in your neighborhood, get started by putting LED lights around the path up to your home. Once you light up the path, work from the group up, using your lights to illuminate trees, bushes, doors, windows, and even your home’s roofline.
Accent the Architecture of Your Home

Does your home have special features, such as bay windows or a unique roofline? Have some fun really playing up the features of your home. Use your lights to accent the special architecture. For example, a beautiful bay window will really stand out if you line it with some LED icicle lights for the holidays. Icicle lights also offer a great way to highlight a unique roofline as well.

Have Fun with a Focal Point

When you want to create the perfect winter wonderland of lights, have fun by creating a focal point with your lights. Once you choose a focal point, such as the front door of your home, use a variety of lights to really deck it out. Add glimmering packages, a lighted snowman, a wreath, and LED lights to the area to really draw the eye to your focal point.

Mix Up the Lights

You don’t have to go with just white lights or colored lights. Mix it up by using white lights, single-color lights, and multicolor lights around your home. This creates a balanced look. Consider white lights to highlight doors, windows, and pathways, multicolor LEDs for the trees and bushes, and single colored lights for other areas you want to stand out.

It’s so much fun to decorate your home for the holidays. With LED lights, you can create something beautiful that your family and your neighbors will enjoy throughout the season.

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