Prelit Christmas tree

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When my grandmother entered a retirement home, the holidays looked bleak for her. The staff did their best to decorate the halls and shared spaces, but it was up to the patients to decorate their own rooms, if so desired. My grandmother desperately missed having a Christmas tree, but there simply wasn’t enough of room in her small room. To surprise her, we purchased her an artificial prelit Christmas tree. It stood about 3 feet tall and had all of the twinkling lights already attached. There was no work involved when setting it up. All that was required was plugging it in and adding some other decorations. She loved it. To her, it was a symbol of still having some independence inside of her. The holidays could still be celebrated. That prelit Christmas tree lit up her room all day long and she stared at it when falling asleep at night. That was her last Christmas on this planet and I was happy to know that she enjoyed the holiday as she would have if living at home.

A prelit Christmas tree isn’t just for elderly people and nursing homes. It is for people who hate fighting with putting the strands of lights on their trees each year. Yes, having a prelit Christmas tree means that you don’t have the fresh pine smell of a real tree in your house during the holidays, but you will find yourself not stressing over some of the decorating. After seeing my grandmother’s tree and realizing that every year I struggle with the lights, I purchased a full size artificial prelit Christmas tree. I was always amazed at how the strands of lights would get so tangled even though they were packed away so carefully. And, I no longer had to fight with figuring out how many strands were needed and how to hide the cords decoratively. I don’t have to do that anymore. I simply put my prelit Christmas tree up, plug it in and put on the rest of the decorations and the holidays are much less bothersome in my household. My husband appreciates the fact that he no longer has to spend at least an hour untangling and figuring out the strands of lights. I appreciate the fact that it frees up a few extra hours and allows me more time to relax or enjoy time with my family.

Getting a prelit Christmas tree was a great decision in my household. As a matter of fact, after finding out that we have a prelit Christmas tree, several other friends decided to join us in the stress-free joys of decorating. There are too many other things to stress about for the holidays, why does decorating the tree have to be one of them?

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