Beer Mitten Pair Navy Blue Maize Gold Striped Wool Tailgating Mitts

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Keep your hands warm and your beverage cold with a pair of hand knit wool beer mittens. You’re going to receive 2 mittens; one is a beer cozy mitten that allows you to keep your drink protected and insulated from hot or cold. The other mitten is a standard mitten with a thumb so your other hand will stay warm too. We hand knit each and every pair of mittens from soft WOOL yarns. Wool is natures perfect insulator so OUR mittens actually will keep your hands warm on even the coldest day. The drink cozy mitten will easily hold a can, bottle, or cup of coffee. It’s going to make holding your beverage of choice very easy. Our drinking mittens are ambidextrous! That’s right, we designed them so they may be able to be worn on either hand! These mittens make wonderful gifts for sports fans, parents, groomsmen, graduates, and dads because they’re a fun and thoughtful gifts. The out of doors of the package includes a photo of the product so the gift receiver will instantly have in mind the product.

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