Buckeye Burl Wood 24mm Super Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (B2)

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This Buckeye Burl wood 24mm Super Silvertip Badger hair shaving brush. Super Silvertip knots have natural soft white tips that give the knot a luxurious feel. Super Silvertip is the best possible grade Silvertip I carry and is an upgrade over Super Badger and Standard Silvertip Badger. If you need the most efficient, Super Silvertip is what you need. The knots are nicely packed and they have got good backbone. The brush and maintain together are 5 3/4″ tall. The brush is designed to stand as pictured when not in use. The brush pictured is the brush you’ll receive. Despite the fact that this piece of functional art is designed for use, many have found handmade shaving gear to be nice bathroom fixtures of their guest bathroom. The shaving brush’s finish (Cyanoacrylate–i.e., Superglue) is durable, highly polished and can’t be penetrated by water.

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