Catchall: A handmade stand for everything

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The CatchallTM stand is designed to provide a place for several items. It has slots for key chains, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, bluetooth headset, or headphones. It may be used to cradle your phone at the same time as charging, and there’s no want to unplug the phone and thread the charger through a hole. Just slide the cable through the slot. There is also a slot directly below the phone charging area to allow your charger cable to pass-through. The CatchallTM stand has been designed to be compatible for most smartphones, including iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+ and Samsung galaxy s3 and s4 and works with most cases for these phones. There is a watch holder for your larger bracelets, watch, or smartwatch. There is a routed groove in the front for holding a pencil, stylus, or pen. The slot on the end is designed to hold your wallet. Even if specific spots on the CatchallTM stand are designed with certain items in mind, the stand can also hold books, recipes, tablets, pictures, artwork, signs, etc. The CatchallTM stand is commute friendly. Disassembled, it lays flat and can easily be stored or packed. Assembly is also as easy as just sliding the two pieces together. The CatchallTM stand is not a permanent fixture that you need to screw to your wall. It goes wherever you wish to have it to go. The CatchallTM stand is made from special, top quality plywood, which is known among woodworkers and craftsman for its exceptional strength and decorative edges. Unlike other plywoods, the inner plies in this plywood are hardwood and not softwoods. This is what gives the CatchallTM stand its strength and attractive edging with little to no voids that are commonly found in your standard plywood. Your CatchallTM has been sanded smooth so you can leave it natural, stain, or paint to add your personal touch after you receive it. (Patent 9,320,378)

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