Global End Grain Cutting Board | 1,000+ Individual Pieces

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What do you do when you’re a professional woodworker and you have got amassed quite a lot of small pieces of beautiful exotic hardwoods too small for any furniture project? You build a one of a kind seriously intricate end grain cutting board. After a full year of building a large number of large projects I had again amassed a treasure trove of beautifuly figured exotic hardwoods. I don’t most often build cutting boards but when my treasure box begins to overflow I like to create what I call global cutting boards. As you’ll see from the pictures, the board is constructed of over 1,000 pieces of multiple species of hardwoods. I call this a global cutting board because the 15 different species of wood used in its construction from 3 different continents. Woods used include: Zebrawood Bubinga Purple Heart Padauk Figured Black Walnut Quilted Maple Koa Figured Cherry Quartersawn Wenge Quartersawn Sapele African Mahogany Genuine Mahogany Sipo Mahogany Birdseye Maple Ambrosia Maple The board measures approximately 20″ long x 13.5″ wide x 1 3/4″ thick and features side lifting grooves to allow for easy movement around the kitchen. The board is really stunning and unlike any of the regular end grain cutting boards currently available. BENEFITS OF AN END GRAIN CUTTING BOARD An end grain cutting board is the best cutting board you’ll have for many reasons. This cutting board will be better for your knives. When you make a cut on this wooden cutting board your knife will slip between the fibers of the woods end grain. This will keep your knives sharper longer. Also, because the knife is in a position to slip between the fibers, there will be considerably less blemishes from cutting on the board. End grain cutting boards are considered to be “self healing” because the fibers may be able to swell back up and hide the cut marks. Along with this cutting boards durability, the end grain makes for a very unique and attractive appearance. 2

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