Land & Sea Terrarium Set

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Add life to your desk, kitchen or coffee table with your own miniature table top terrarium! This terrarium kit includes a aquatic terrarium and a ground moss terrarium. Aquatic terrarium includes: Marimo moss ball, sand, sea fern and stones. Shipped in a very simple to assemble kit, just add tap water to glass container. A Marimo moss ball is a rare type of moss found in freshwater lakes and rivers where a low current form the moss into balls with a velvety appearance. They grow about 1/4″ per year, and require low light. Change water each and every 3 weeks. Ground moss terrarium includes: Dormant moss, filter media (pebbles, carbon, filter moss, soil), decorative mushroom, decorative bark, planting chop sticks, and glass corked bottle. On account of the enclosed ecosystem inside, you do not want to fertilize. Water 1-2 times each and every month. Soil will have to all the time be moist without water pooling on the bottom. Keep out of direct sunlight. Land & Sea terrarium comes with a solid wood base constructed from Oregon myrtlewood. Total size is 4.75″ wide x 6.75″ tall x 2.5″ deep.

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