Play-Campfire-Pretend-Play-Felt-Campfire-Play-Tents-Kids-Teepee-12-Piece-Light-Up-Play-Set-3-Sided-Fire-LED-Light-Logs-Rocks-Storage-Bag-0-0Play-Campfire-Pretend-Play-Felt-Campfire-Play-Tents-Kids-Teepee-12-Piece-Light-Up-Play-Set-3-Sided-Fire-LED-Light-Logs-Rocks-Storage-Bag-0-1Play-Campfire-Pretend-Play-Felt-Campfire-Play-Tents-Kids-Teepee-12-Piece-Light-Up-Play-Set-3-Sided-Fire-LED-Light-Logs-Rocks-Storage-Bag-0-2Play-Campfire-Pretend-Play-Felt-Campfire-Play-Tents-Kids-Teepee-12-Piece-Light-Up-Play-Set-3-Sided-Fire-LED-Light-Logs-Rocks-Storage-Bag-0-3Gifts for Children from $50.00 to $100.00

Pretend Play Campfire (12 Piece Set)

$70.50 (as of March 28, 2017, 8:11 pm)

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For going camping or some sleepover fun inside or outdoor; putting in place the campfire shall be a breeze with this interactive play set! Open fire center allows for placement of flameless light to create optimal and protected camping experience! Details of play set include: *1 Plush three sided self standing plush fire. approx. 8.5 inches tall. *1 LED flameless votive candle *3 Separate style logs: white birch, dark brown, and brown with a leaf each and every personally detailed. approx.12.5 inches long. *6 Movable light and dark grey rocks for play inside or outdoor of the fire *1 drawstring canvas CAMPFIRE bag for simple storage *Comes gift wrapped and able for gifting! **All items are handmade to reserve and may also be customized for you upon request. Please allow 1-2 weeks to create items before shipping.**

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The Homespun Market

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Small items should be watched around children. Not intended for children under 3.

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24, months

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Guild Product


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