Wine Glass and Decanter Set – The Tad Twosome

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Hand blown here in Chicago this nice little decanter and glasses set is sure to excite your spirits and warm your heart. It revolves on a piece of reclaimed barn wood older than the libation within. Tad Glasses are smaller versions of our Swoon Revolving Glasses. They’re for when you need a TAD bit. Great for Cordials, Ports or Whiskey and Bourbon. Comfortably holds 4 to 6 oz. The Tad Decanter holds 375mL to the nape of the neck. We offer different colors as well. Check out the variety. If you need a personalized etching at the wood we will be able to do this for $25. Like a reclaimed barn wood gift box? Add one for your order for $20. The Gift box will house the entire glassware and the base is available in a burlap sack.

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