The Little Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Story

Near the edge of a great forest, grew a small fir tree. Deeper into the forest grew towering pines and majestic oaks; and each tree had its own purpose. Squirrels and birds built their nests high in the towering trees and they used the acorns and seeds for food. Some children had even built a treehouse in the giant oak, but no one even noticed the small fir tree. It was just too small to be useful for anything.

The tiny fir tree doesn’t like feeling small and useless, but there was nothing he could do about it. As he silently waited, he vowed that someday he’d show everyone how useful he could be. The problem was he didn’t know quite how he would do it. He waited and waited, and then one day the first snowflakes of winter began to drift down onto his branches. Christmas is coming, the little tree thought. Christmas
is a special time of year, full of miracles and magic – and sometimes miracles even happen for little fir trees.
The Little Christmas Tree


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